Certified Recovery Specialist

CRS are recovering individuals in the community who work with drug and alcohol clients on a peer to peer basis.  The primary function of the CRS is to help individuals gain access to needed resources in the community by assisting them in overcoming barriers and helping them bridge gaps between their needs and available resources.  Types of services offered would include mentoring and connecting with the AA/NA community, securing a sponsor, etc.  This community-based process will help drug and alcohol clients in accessing long-term, non-systems resources and facilitated sustainable recovery.  This service is expected to reduce relapse for the drug and alcohol client and result in less use of Medicaid-funded services.  While this is not a licensed service, the minimum experience for a CRS includes a high school diploma or equivalence and certification for the PA Certification Board.

Clients who receive this service are expected to have an improved chance of achieving and maintaining their recovery.  Clients who participate in this service will have fewer incidences of relapse and subsequently less use of inpatient levels of care.

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