Gambling Prevention

The Clearfield-Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission began its Gambling Prevention Initiative in 2011, as the result of funding made available through the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.  There are increasing opportunities for individuals to engage in gambling for fun and recreation.  Problem gambling, however, comes with high price for individuals, families, and communities.  Gambling addiction is often referred to as “the silent addiction” as it often goes undetected.  The Prevention Unit provides education and information that helps to promote awareness of this growing problem in our communities.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The definition of gambling;
  • The types of compulsive gamblers (Action and Escape);
  • The four phases of problem gambling (Winning, Losing, Desperation, Hopeless);
  • The warning signs of problem gambling;
  • Youth problem gambling;
  • Gambling among older adults.

Services include:

  • Evidence based and state approved gambling prevention programs;
  • Providing the venue for technical assistance on Pennsylvania’s Small Games of Chance (SGOC) Law;
  • Consultation and education for community groups and other social service agencies regarding Problem Gambling Prevention.