Drug Free Communities

“A partnership between the Jefferson County Communities in Collaboration for Children and Families (COFAC) and the Clearfield County Collaboration and Prevention Board.”


The Clearfield – Jefferson Drug Free Communities Coalition was created in 2005 as a subcommittee of the Clearfield County Collaboration and Prevention Board and Jefferson County Communities in Collaboration for Families and Children. The Coalition seeks to achieve its principle goal of reducing substance abuse amoung youth and adults using the following strategies:

  • Provide a forum to promote and encourage collaboration among multiple sectors of the community.
  • Focus on prevention programming to address problems before they escalate.
  • Encourage and support the implementation of programs that have been proven to reduce risk factors.
  • Strengthen protective factors relating to substance abuse in local communities.
  • Support and encourage the implementation of programs in community, family, school, and group settings.


The Coalition’s membership is open to individuals and organizations in the bi-county area that wish to participate in developing and implementing strategies to reduce substance abuse.

Member Committment

Coalition members attend meetings that are held monthly. Members are welcome to contribute in any way possible to further reduce substance abuse in our community. Finally, the Coalition asks that our volunteers continue to convey our goals and programs throughout our community.

Mission Statement

The Clearfield – Jefferson Drug Free Communities Coalition will address substance abuse in Clearfield and Jefferson counties by assessing the scope of the problem and developing strategies to reduce substance abuse among youth and adults in the local area.

Communities That Care

Jefferson County has been selected as 1 of 8 new communities throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to participate in the nationally recognized Communities That Care initiative. Communities That Care (CTC) research shows that certain risk factors, including family conflict, community norms, and school failure, increase the likelihood that a child will be involved in youth crime and drug use.  Conversely, research has also demonstrated that certain positive influences, such as strong family and community values and clear standards, increases the likelihood that a child will grow up healthy and well adjusted.  Communities That Care helps communities identify the particular risk and protective factors that influence their children, then select and implement effective programs and strategies to reduce risks and enhance positive outcomes.  Evaluation research by Penn State University following nearly 100,000 youth for over 5 years found that communities using this approach had significantly lower rates of delinquency, and significantly better academic achievement.

“Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.”
—Henry Ford

For questions or to become a member of CJDFCC, please visit the DFCC website: www.cjdfcc.org

You can also visit the Clearfield-Jefferson DFCC on Facebook!