Board of Directors

Jefferson County Board Members

  • John Welsh – 2nd Vice-Chairperson
  • Jody Kulakowski
  • Denise Katchmarchi
  • Dick Magolis

Clearfield County Board Members

  • Leanne Peters – Chairperson
  • Debra Thomas – 1ST Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Tuesdae Stainbrook, D.O., MPH
  • Cathy Sokloski
  • Dr. Sean Bresnahan, ED.D.
  • Ruthanne Barbazzeni

DDAP Representative

  • Stefanie Mihalcik, Program Representative
    Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs
    Program Monitoring Division
    02 Kline Plaza
    Harrisburg, PA 17104
    Phone: 717-783-8200
    Fax: 717-787-6285

The Clearfield-Jefferson Drug and Alcohol Commission’s Board of Directors meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting is held at the Commission offices located at 135 Midway Drive, Suite A, DuBois, PA.

All Board meetings are open and the public is welcome to attend.

* Meeting dates that deviate from the fourth Tuesday of each month will be posted 30 days in advance.