About Our Programs and Services


Prevention programming aids in promoting a high level of wellness in individuals of all ages. Drug abuse prevention involves developing life-coping skills and attitudes that results in behaviors to enhance and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Case Management

The Case Management Unit provides services and assistance to residents of Clearfield and Jefferson Counties to facilitate alcohol and other drug treatment and recovery. The Case Management Unit provides level of care assessments to determine appropriate and supportive case coordination.

Hepatitis C Screening Project

The Hepatitus C Screening Project provides services to individuals residing in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties. Services include screenings, education, outreach, and case management services.

Drug Free Communities Coalition

The Drug Free Communities Coalition is a collaborative group of individuals from Clearfield and Jefferson Counties. The purpose of the coalition is to reduce substance abuse among youth, through assessment of need, building community capacity, plan for targeted services, implement activities that will have a direct effect on youth and evaluation those activities and programs.

Heroin Task Force

The Heroin Task Force is a private, non-profit, organization that was formed in November 2004 to fight the alarming rise of heroin use in our area. It consists of over 80 individuals from concerned groups including our hospitals, schools, police, social service agencies, law enforcement, clergy, and parents.

Wellness and Recovery

Recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction is a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness, and quality of life.  Recovery is more than just the absence of use.  Recovery is reflected in personal growth, improved lifestyle, and more fulfilling relationships.